Sr. Account Manager

Need individuals who are masters of prospecting, presenting, and closing.

  • 2 to 4 years of experience in sales of real estate related products
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to "think on the feet" and be "street savvy"
  • Ability to prospect, understand/sell company products and services with good negotiation skills in closing business.
  • Basic Bachelor Degree preferably in business, psychology, communication, or marketing.
  • Good Base + Variable based on quota. Attractive stock options for candidates based on performance.

Sr. Software Engineer

planetRE is seeking to define, design and support our growing applications in real estate industry. As a developer, you will closely work with designers to drive evolution and expansion of planetRE products into new technology areas.

  • Experience in Android API’s and Framework
  • Experience in IOS Development for IOS Devices
  • 4+ years of Experience in Mobile Native and Web Apps development
  • Fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures
  • Proficiency in Objective –C , JAVA , C / C++ , jQuery Mobile 1.5
  • Experience in GIT, MySQL, XML, JSON, Core data ( IOS), IOS 6.0 SDK and Web Services knowledge of Sencha touch and other Cross Platform Technologies

Other Requirements

Experience in building Native APPS using

  • And Open Source IDE for Android Apps( RHOMOBILE, Eclipse etc)
  • XCODE 4 for IOS (Apple Devices) on LION OSX 10.7 using either 4.1 or 5.1 SDK

Desired but not compulsory

Experience in GIT, MySQL, XML, JSON, Core data ( IOS), IOS 6.0 SDK and Web Services Knowledge of Sencha touch and other Cross Platform Technologies

Customer Support and Field Evangelist

Need individuals who can be Product Specialists and be responsible for providing “core application engineering” support to our field support in different regions. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) are a must to excel in this position. Need basic Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with 5 yrs experience and zest to support customers.

Lead Engineer (Algorithm Design)

Be an expert on software algorithms, search engines, and expert on Front end GUI. Explore new ways to make products and services usable. Need MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science with 5 to 7 yrs product development experience.

Data Center Engineering

Understand in setting up and running large scale data center operations. Expert with secure storage networks, data center procedures on backup, and recovery. Hands on with setting new servers, configuration with Microsoft. NET platform. Expert in troubleshooting problems. Need Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Analyst or equivalent with 5 years experience. Be able to work at odd hours and be on call as required.

planetRE Culture

Join the Real Estate Revolution: Our company has a passion for being “customer obsessed”. We are transforming the automation of this large industry every day and every hour. Our energetic engineering, sales, and field support team have used their talent, energy, and enthusiasm to work with thousands of agents, brokers, and their service affiliates every day to change the end consumer experience. The industry that looks simple from outside has a lot of complex business processes that we help streamline and automate via the internet. This adds to superior risk management, competitive operational advantages, and excellent service to end customers.

No “sacred cows”: A must read book named “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers: Developing Change-Ready People and Organizations" by Robert Kriegel (Author) drives our commitment to customers each day. Being nimble and responsive to customers is our recipe for success. Right from our first product launch in the market in 2002, we are customer focused and have a positive “can do” attitude. If it is truly important to our clients, it is important for us… period!

We have no decision by committee: we have meeting rooms with “no chairs”. Stand up, make your point without wasting time, have logic and reasoning behind your views and it gets done. No VPs running around, playing organizational “musical chair” and “pretending” to listen to customers. In many cases, we have implemented complex new features in days while our competition could not even get the requirements spec understood and agreed.

If you cannot find honesty, invent one: Honesty and integrity are the key value pillars that our company is built upon. Our motto is if you cannot find honesty, invent one! It is truly the best policy. We are not interested in “bending the truth” to make a short term sale. We live with this value each day with customers, sales force, inside sales rep, engineering, and all of the support.

Under-promise and Over-deliver: Many vendors make tall press releases with no “wood behind the arrow”. If you see our history, we have had very few press releases but have built a solid customer based with national clients.

What Attracts Top Talent to planetRE? As the market leader in Online Transaction Management, ERP & CRM for the real estate industry, the company has a constantly evolving suite of products that have continued to expand since the company was founded in order to better serve the needs of real estate brokerages. With its dedicated customer focus, planetRE has a loyal and passionate customer base that is the core of the company's success in a competitive market.

Our product and services continue to grow in national real estate brokerage companies. Our customer service and passion for support are legendary. planetRE has experienced remarkable growth with an expanding business in new territories in the US. Employees describe the atmosphere as exciting, innovative, and performance-driven—and they should know. They are entrepreneurial, competitive, independent, and results-oriented.

If you are talented, have the experience we seek, and like our company culture, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us for the above openings at