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Branded Property Search Websites for Millennial Buyers

Search for homes near golf courses, theaters, dog parks, recreation


Millennial buyers will comprise the largest share of home buyers in reaching 68% this year. They rely on “Lifestyle” home searching before they decide on the final nest.

For the first time in the industry, a complete ‘Single Pass’ Lifestyle based Property Search is here and available to you as a fully branded website or as a branded component to your existing website. This technology is not offered today by any national portal, brokerage, vendor, or franchise to this level of completeness and details.

Property Searches can now be Fast & Fun

... instead of slow and mundane bedroom/bath drudgery
Today’s consumer wants a totally new Lifestyle Search experience to find their new nest. They want to search based on commute time, noise tolerance, affordability, schools, proximity to golf courses, theaters, shopping, parks, nightlife, pet-friendly neighborhood...
What if we combine all of these in one single pass search on your website?

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