planetRE Releases Cutting Edge Features for Paperless Transactions

City:Santa Clara, Calif.,           Date : March 10, 2015

New features with Drag and Drop, Dynamic Workflows, File Review and Integrated texting takes standards to a whole new level

planetRE, the nation's leading technology cloud vendor for online real estate, has announced new cutting edge features for its flagship SaaS platform Transact™ - to help agents and brokerage companies collaborate with documents efficiently and go paperless with ease.

The new Drag and Drop feature allows dragging groups of selected documents from desktop, folder or email and dropping it right underneath the online transaction folder. Users can then securely rename, store, manage and access across multiples devices. These documents can utilize embedded e-signatures with Docusign® or Adobe EchoSign®. At the end of the transaction users can burn a company branded CD/DVD or Vault™ them under long term storage using secure RSA® two factor authentication.

Dynamic work flows enable users to create and enforce variety of contingency based business processes which are typical for real estate transactions. These help streamline the flows under listing and transaction phases. The new Integrated texting allows agents and their ecosystem to be in touch on the transaction with all conversations saved and indexed in log files for compliance review. New changes in file review allows speedier and more efficient ways of transaction compliance approval.

"Document management complexity and compliance has risen significantly in most states with new regulations and so is the need to manage workflow, review processes and client collaborations” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. ”planetRE offers the most easy to use features for a real estate enterprise in document management, work flow, file review standardization and communications using timely collaboration between customers, staff and vendors with logging of all email and texts".

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planetRE is a privately held, leading cloud vendor, providing Enterprise software to the real estate industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA; its primary mission is to provide cutting edge cloud platforms to the global real estate industry in areas of CRM, Transaction and Financial Management. More information about planetRE Transact can be found

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