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planetRE MoneyTM provides integrated financial platform for complex real estate sales compensation, sales accounting and working with industry standard general ledgers.

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Sales Compensation Setup

Create all complex commission plans for companies using single or large multiple offices. System has ability to model in setup very complex and fee plans that no other system can off the shelf.

Real time Synch

All files in Money are automatically created from Transaction Management and hence requires NO double entry or synch. Any changes made in Transact are reflected in Money same time! This enables fast commission Processing.

Processing Office Files

With files automatically with company agents and using the automated commission module, all dispersion numbers are created automatically with a manual override. This includes data for agent invoicing, checks, EFT etc. Money also reads agent receivable from the integrated G/L software.

RISK/Financial Check

For the first time, financial staff in Money can cross check real time all the information on transactions including real time file review status. Specific Rule Setting enabled by customer can disable commission processing unless File Review is complete and signed off in Transact side. This ensures company does not cut good checks on BAD files.

Enterprise Deployment

With a cloud solution that scales to each person in the company driven by role based access. Even agents can have their own Money portal seamlessly integrated with planetRE Transact and Money and with third party CRMs/TMS with APIs. Company can control user access and functions and change dynamically as organization grown or consolidate.

Team Agents

Money handles complex team agents structure for accurate split calculation including movement of members in team.


Integration with major G/L

Money integrates with world class G/Ls like Intuit Quickbooks family (both cloud, enterprise and desktop) and Microsoft Dynamics GP to offer a complete scalable cloud solution for the broker - with 100 or 10000 agents in one company. No other system on the market can do this on the pure cloud.

With Money Cloud and third party world class G/Ls seamlessly connected, it creates the most powerful accounting system for real estate which traditional back office companies cannot match. Both systems are tied at core database level enabling both read/write.

Multiple Accounting Entities

Money can handle large company with multiple company reporting structure whereby a certain group of offices report to one corporation and so on.


Business Intelligence Reports

With build in BI reports customers can slice and dice any analytic of their business using simple functions like Agent/office ranking, Escrow Reports to all the way with advanced functions like Projected Company Dollar Report. We are the only company that simulates closing of each deal to model future projections thereby speaking of the advanced computational technology.

Custom Reports

Money allows each user (including agents) to generate their own custom report as an excel based on their own pre created templates. This offers infinite flexibility for user to slice and dice more data the way they want and still operate in their own sandbox.

Franchise Reports

Money is tied to major real estate franchise systems so even reporting is a breeze. In addition Money also offer Crystal our own Cloud Based Franchise Management System. Today it includes Dash (Realogy), E&V, Remax, Berkshire Databridge to name a few.

Power BI and third party G/L Reports

Money has the ability to integrate with Microsoft BI and other accounting platforms like Infor, Oracle or SAP via API integration. Reports can also be hybrid by combining fields from sales accounting and G/L systems.


In spirit of our commitment to open communications, Money offers RESTFUL API so your data is NOT hostage unlike other vendors in back office do. We allow in/out data via RESTFUL APIs.

SAS-70 Compliant

All our data and programs are hosted on secure data centers and cloud services which are SAS-70 Compliant.

Accounting System Integration

Tight integration with accounting systems like QuickBooksTM & Microsoft DynamicsTM data can be synced real-time. Save time doing double entries and double checking if each entry is correct. Save Time. Save Money.

Franchise System Integration

Built-in integration with Realogy Dash and Berkshire Databridge (coming soon). Accurate and seamless connections allow for quick transmission and synchronization of relevant franchise information between programs.

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