Welcome to #1 Real Estate Cloud Business System

planetRE is the industry's leading patented software technology that is designed to solve your Real Estate demand from finding more clients, building your brand, growing your team -- from front to back end, and everything in between. In ONE SEAMLESS platform.

Welcome to #1 Real Estate Cloud Business System

planetRE based in Silicon Valley, CA is a leading cloud-based sales automation software provider for the real estate industry. Our platforms comprise of Marketing, Transaction, and Financial components that are fundamental operating units of real estate companies.

planetRE is the industry's leading patented software technology that is designed to help you at each stage of your business, from finding more clients, building your brand, growing your team -- from front to back end, and everything in between, in one seamless platform.

All our products are seamlessly integrated with one another

Managers, staff, and agents collaborate on one platform

Control your entire business the way you want

Socialite CRM

We don't just get you the lead, we cover ALL stages of the lead cycle.

  • New
  • First Contact
  • Nurturing
  • Monitoring
  • Engagement
  • Converting

Lifestyle Website

Capture leads & nurture relationships

Millennial buyers will comprise the largest share of home buyers in 2018 reaching 68% this year. They rely on “Lifestyle” home searching before they decide on the final nest.

For the first time in the industry, a complete ‘Single Pass’ Lifestyle based Property Search is here and available to you as a fully branded website or as a branded component to your existing website. This technology is not offered today by any national portal, brokerage, vendor, or franchise to this level of completeness and details.

Your Own Branded App

Socialite Apps gives your customer a faster access to property information they need.


Contract to Close Transparency, Automated Workflows, and more...

The right TMS can make or break your office work flow. With our flagship program TransactTM we provide you the efficiency and effectiveness of managing your documents securely in the cloud.

With full planetRE E-sign integration, forms library, and high end compliance solutions powered by millions of completed transaction to date, TransactTM meets both agents and admin requirements that ensures you a proven solution to complaince based management.


The first Cloud Based Financial System with Real-Time Business Intelligence

MoneyTM provides integrated financial platform for complex real estate sales compensation, sales accounting integrated with leading industry general ledgers and BI reports.

The availability of all company information on demand -- at your fingertips. From commissions, company dollar, compliance, auditing, CDA, inventory and other full reporting capability secured in the cloud. Replicated real time from Transact with no double entry. Financial management is fully integrated for the first time.

See what planetRE Clients are Saying

We believe in building and fostering the planetRE Success Community so that we can all succeed together. We share resources, advice, and best practices so that our clients can stay ahead of the competition and continue to build market share each and every month.

"As an independent brokerage owner the amount of software on the market in terms of CRMS, Transaction management and commission tracking is overwhelming. On top of that, most of the applications work independently of each other which diminishes the user experience for the agents. I was looking for a technology that could blend all 3 platforms into one to give our agents a seamless experience from start to finish. Not only do PlanetRE's 3 systems (sociallite, transact & Money) do exactly that, you can even customize them to your specific brokerage needs. I have been extremely pleased with the quality and flexibility of the software and the customer service we have received over the years with the plethora of changes we have made to suit our needs. If you are looking for an all in one platform to run your brokerage, this is it!"

Steven Rovithis
Rovithis Realty

"I’ve been using CRMs in real estate for 15 years. I farm day in and day out over 11,000 homes. That is a lot of relationships. I work both snail mailing and digital contacts. I need a dead shot website and robust follow-up. I need a database that has deep searching capability like Socialite. Most real estate CRMs look pretty and promise a lot but don’t give you much computing power. I stay with PlanetRE because nothing else is as powerful."

Scott Williams
Top Real Estate Team operating under Berkshire Hathaway based in Santa Barbara, CA

"planetRE Money provides our franchisees with a robust cloud based financial management and reporting system. The system provides the transparency and business intelligence needed for managing this competitive business. "

Mathias Bode
CEO and President

"Save money, make your CRM more powerful, and get the best service possible! That's what Gerard Realty Group did when we searched for a customer resource management system that had advanced back-end flexibility for agents and management; and customer viewed search and data sets and found PlanetRE.

We switched to PRE for the expanded functionality and lower costs. But we were surprised to learn how much we could save by eliminating costs for an IP phone system, streamlined email system and improved PayPerClick management. Our customer and prospect counts were increasing and now we manage nearly 20,000 leads in the easy to use and monitor Planet RE CRM. One of the major drivers in our search was improved reporting, in both flexibility and power. The feature rich PRE CRM provided both. Also, so we needed extra strength in categorizing, communicating with, and monitoring customer activity. Again PRE has come through!

Our CRM is the backbone of our organization; so it was critical that we have a very high level of access to competent and dedicated client service staff. PRE was able to deliver in spades. They bent over backwards to customize much of the interface, back end and consumer facing. And the customer service has been excellent ever since; even with my our constant questions about how to improve our experience. We get rapid and quality responses to very inquiry."

Damian Gerard
Gerard Realty Group

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