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ADA Website Litigation Continues
to Proliferate in 2021

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What is ADA?

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and various state laws, including the California Unruh Act.

Websites need to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) created by the nonprofit World Wide Web Consortium outlining remedies needed for consumers with different disabilities e.g., visually impaired to be able to access the sites using screen reader software.

U.S. companies have been inundated with lawsuits in the past several years alleging on this. The number of cases has risen steadily from 2000 in 2018 to 3500 in 2020 and rising. These targets businesses in wide range of industries especially real estate.

The lawsuits are frustrating to real estate. Many companies may simply be unaware of ADA compliance requirements for their real estate websites, leading them to be caught unaware by these lawsuits. Companies need to update the sites to be WCAG / ADA compliant to reduce any future exposure.

Prevention is better than cure is a handy expression relevant to this situation.

planetRE has developed unique solutions to make your real estate sites ADA compliant and mitigate such risk.

These solutions can be implemented in matter of few days that include basic investigation of your site structure and implementing the solution to make it compliant.

The costs are nominal compared to the cost of continued litigations from lawsuits which depends on each state. E.g. State of CA has statutory damages in addition to injunctive relief and attorney fees.

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